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Custom Home Builders – One size does not fit all

There are literally dozens of home builders in Kelowna. So, how do you know which one is the right builder for you? Align West Homes has been a custom home builder in Kelowna for 13 years and our founder, David Pfuetzner, has over 35 years of in the trenches building experience. We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to picking a builder and we recommend three key things you should focus on before you choose your custom home builder in Kelowna.

Custom Home Builders

  1. Research:

    You’ll want to investigate who are the custom home builders in Kelowna and narrow down your list to 2-3 possible builders. Start with online research. Look for how many years of experience they have, what do their client testimonials say, check out their Google business page reviews and star ratings. Check out their website. Do they have a gallery that showcases their builds? What style, type and size of home do they specialize in? Are they building in the area you want to build in? It’s also great to visit a showhome if they have one or to drive by past homes they’ve built and current homes under construction. What do their job sites look like? This can give you insight into their attention to detail.

  2. Interview Your Short List of Builders:

    In person meetings are critical to getting a sense of whether a builder will be the right builder for you. When you reach out to connect, note how long does it take for them to respond and how quickly can you get a meeting date. Prepare a list of questions that include understanding their accreditations, certifications, warranty and insurance coverage. What does their after completion custom care program look like? What is their standard average build time? What contract options do they offer; fixed price, cost plus and what are the deposit and draw requirements for each type of contract? Be sure to openly discuss your budget. A good partnership is based on communication and transparency, and this is definitely a two way street. Ask for references. You’ll want to talk to past and current clients about their experiences. Your meeting take-a-ways should allow you to have a good sense of whether the builder is trustworthy, open and honest. Are they client and quality focused? Do you feel there would be a good personality compatibility?

  3. Making Your Choice:

    Given the number of Okanagan custom homes, you’ll have many companies to consider, so be sure to choose experience as your trump card. With experience comes knowledge and likely a well vetted group of trades, sub-trades and suppliers. Successful completion of a custom home build is multi-fold; some responsibility rests with the client, most falls to the builder and the builder’s partners. You want your home building experience to be as seamless and enjoyable as possible, experience will tip the scale in that direction.

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